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The predecessor of the School of Physical Science and Technology of Northwestern Polytechnical University was the Department of Applied Physics, which was established in 1987. In 2003, the Department of Applied Physics merged with the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Department of Chemical Engineering to form the School of Science, and in November 2019, the School of Physical Science and Technology was officially established.

The School of Physical Science and Technology adheres to the school motto of "Honesty, Courage and Perseverance" and the school spirit of "Three Realities and One New", adheres to the school-running philosophy of "taking students as the root, educating people, scholars as the priority, academics as the soul, and responsibility as the priority", relying on the advantages of the school's three airlines, aiming at the major needs of the country's military and civilians, and striving to build a high-level, research-oriented and international physics college featuring applied science.

The discipline has distinctive characteristics

The School focuses on the international frontier of physics and the major national needs, carries out basic and applied basic research around the fields of material physics and chemistry, physics, optical engineering, etc., and strives to create a strong discipline group with distinctive characteristics and international influence. The college has three undergraduate majors: materials physics, applied physics, optoelectronic information science and engineering; The second-level discipline of materials physics and chemistry has a Ph.D./master's program, the two first-level disciplines of physics and optical engineering, and the two professional master's programs of materials and chemical engineering and electronic information. There are three postdoctoral mobile stations in materials science and engineering, physics and optical engineering.

In 2019 and 2021, respectively, the undergraduate major of materials physics and the major of optoelectronic information science and engineering were approved as the construction points of the national "first-class undergraduate major", and applied physics was approved as the construction point of the "first-class undergraduate major" in Shaanxi Province. Materials physics and chemistry are national "double first-class" construction disciplines and national key disciplines, and optical engineering is a key construction discipline in Shaanxi Province. Physics entered the top 1% of ESI's global subject rankings.

The college has established five first-class research platforms, including the Key Laboratory of Materials Physics and Chemistry under Extraordinary Conditions, the Key Laboratory of Light Field Regulation and Information Perception Industry and Information Technology, the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Space Materials Science and Technology, the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Condensed Matter Structure and Properties, and the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Information Technology, as well as the Shaanxi Physics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center for the cultivation of students' innovative practical ability.

The faculty is strong

The School of Physical Science and Technology has 111 faculty members, including 34 professors and researchers, 47 associate professors, associate researchers and senior engineers, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 winners of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 Changjiang Scholar, 1 leading talent of the 10,000 Plan, 4 national young talents, 1 China Youth Science and Technology Award, 1 China Young Female Scientist Award, 1 New Century Millions of Talents Project, 2 New Century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education, and "100 People" of Shaanxi Province There are 1 scholar of the program, 1 famous teacher of Shaanxi Province, 4 winners of Shaanxi Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 young and middle-aged science and technology leading talent in Shaanxi Province, and 4 young science and technology rising stars in Shaanxi Province. After years of development, the college has formed a high-level teaching team with excellent teaching ethics, outstanding teaching and research standards, and reasonable academic age structure.

Talent training has achieved remarkable results

At present, the college has about 800 students, of which more than 50% are masters and doctors, and the employment rate of students has maintained more than 90% for a long time. Student party building and ideological and political work have always been in the forefront of all colleges. The college deeply implements the educational concept of value shaping, knowledge transfer and ability training, and strives to cultivate leading talents in this field with family and country feelings, the pursuit of excellence, and leading the future. In recent years, the college has continuously deepened and deepened teaching research and teaching reform, and has successively won 1 National Teaching Achievement Award, 1 special prize of Shaanxi Province Teaching Achievement Award, 3 first prizes and many second prizes. The courses "University Physics", "University Physics Experiment" and "Optics" were rated as excellent courses in Shaanxi Province, and the teaching team of "University Physics" and applied physics were rated as the teaching team of Shaanxi Province. In 2020, it was approved as the first batch of "Qiangji Plan" physics basic talent training qualifications.

Over the years, nearly 3,500 students graduated from the college have become the backbone of national science and technology, economy, industry, party, government and military fields, and a large number of outstanding talents have emerged, represented by Professor Wang Xiaoli, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Professor Liu Yunquan, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, Professor Liu Yunquan of Peking University, and Professor Gao Ziwei, Vice President of Shaanxi Normal University.

Outstanding scientific research achievements

The college adheres to the "0 to 1" original basic research as the foundation, and at the same time relies on the major needs of the country and the advantages of our university to actively carry out cross-research and promote the "integration of science and engineering". The college has won the National Natural Science Award, the National Technological Invention Award, and a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. It has undertaken a number of national major projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China Innovation Group Project, major project, major scientific research instrument research and development project, and the key research and development plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the cumulative scientific research funds in the past five years have reached 120 million yuan, and the teachers and students of the college have studied in Science, Physical Review Letters, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications and Advanced Materials and other top international journals have published more than 700 high-level papers.

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