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School of Physical Science and Technology Holds New Semester General Meeting

Hits:Date:February 24, 2023

In order to further promote the implementation of the "Four First-Class Action Plans" and clarify the key work of the School in 2023, the School of Physical Science and Technology held a new semester conference on the morning of February 20 in the conference room 353 of the College Building of Chang'an Campus. Academician Wei Bingbo, the leading body of the party and government of the college and all the faculty and staff attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chao Xiaorong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College.

At the meeting, Secretary Chao Xiaorong first conveyed the spirit of the school's party committee on the annual assessment of the fifth and sixth level leaders, and introduced the specific rules for the debriefing and assessment of the fifth and sixth level leaders of the college. The members of the party and government leadership team of the college focused on the performance of post responsibilities, the completion of work goals, organizational management ability and implementation of ideology, etc., and further found problems and proposed improvement measures on the basis of summarizing the annual work. The participants conducted an online democratic evaluation of the content of the debriefings of the leaders of the fifth and sixth levels.

Then, Dean Zhai Wei reported on the work summary of the college in 2022 and the key work arrangements in 2023. Dean Zhai Wei comprehensively summarized the landmark achievements of the college in discipline construction, education and teaching, scientific research, talent training and other aspects in 2022, and gave a detailed introduction to the college's performance distribution plan in 2022 from four aspects: the college's performance appraisal, the total amount of reward performance input, the overall principle of performance distribution, and the distribution rules. At the end of the report, Dean Zhai Wei introduced the key work arrangements of the college in terms of faculty, talent training, scientific research, management services and other aspects this year, emphasizing that in the construction of the teaching team, it is necessary to further improve the employment period assessment and post appointment system, so as to motivate faculty and staff to work actively and improve their abilities.

Subsequently, Academician Wei Bingbo gave guidance on the construction of the college. Academician Wei Bingbo put forward new requirements and suggestions for all faculty and staff from five aspects: discipline construction, undergraduate professional construction, education and teaching, scientific research, and serving the society. It is hoped that all faculty and staff will be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, work together to promote the high-quality development of the college, and make greater contributions to the construction of "double first-class" of the school.

(Text: Fu Conghui, Audit: Chao Xiaorong)