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The Second Aviation Science and Technology Culture Festival has Opened!

Hits: Date:May 25, 2022

This is the opening of the Second Aviation Science and Technology Culture Festival of Northwestern PolytechnicalUniversity on 21st May.

There are "Chasing the dream of flying" teachers and student preacher groups' first lecture, the cartoon image of School of Aeronautics new media studio launching, and "Aviationtechnology carnival"...... Series of activities were also held at the scene simultaneously. The mix-up of aeronautics knowledge and fun activities was strongly welcomed by students.

After the opening ceremony, teachers and students participated in colorful activities.

Aviation Knowledge Contest, paper plane contest...... Students experienced the fun of aviation.

After the opening, there are more exciting activities in this Aviation Technology and Culture Festival:

1. During May 23-24, the Aviation Culture Awareness Q&A Activity was held at the Youyi Campus. Students who participated in the Q&A with the highest accuracy were presented with beautiful souvenirs.

2. During May 1-29, "Chasing the dream of blue sky" PPT template solicitation activities is about to start online. Come and expand your imagination to make a beautiful aviation theme PPT!

3. During May 21-28, a themed postcard exhibit will be held simultaneously on both campuses. Outstanding postcards will be displayed and distributed to students as prizes in other events.

4. During May 21-28, the 7th HandThrowGlider Competition will be held at Chang'an Campus. Students will be organized to build their own gliders at the set time and finish painting.

5. During June 11-12, the Aviation Academic Forum will be held offline atYouyiCampus to promote academic communication among students.

Stay tuned!

Source: NPU news

Translator: He Hongyao